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Whether you are after an indoor climbing or bouldering wall for your school or local play centre, or seeking a tailor-made high specification climbing solution for your new premises, our expert team can work with you to get the outcomes you want.

We have designed and constructed over 54 climbing and bouldering walls for a wide range of clients, including the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Defence Force and Occupational Therapy for Children centres. We have also installed a number of climbing walls for schools, both public and private, primary and secondary schools. Many of our clients have returned to work with us on multiple projects. We look forward to helping you create a first-class climbing or bouldering wall for your facility.

At Highgate Group, we’re the only supplier you’ll need for a range of climbing wall types including:

Top rope / lead walls
Speed walls
Bouldering walls
Traverse walls
Competition walls

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Top Rope / Lead Walls

A fantastic option for beginners in the world of climbing, or experienced climbers looking to finesse more challenging moves.

Top rope climbing is more secure and the most commonly used for indoor climbing centres. Climbers are supported by a rope, either by a second belayer or by using at TRUBLUE automatic belay.

Knowing there is someone holding the rope gives the climber the chance to get more comfortable with the fall and to take a rest break in their harness if needed.

Lead climbing is a more advanced style, where climbers clip in for safety and set the rope at each stage as they ascend. For advanced climbers, lead walls are recommended for assessments and are a great way to progress.

Contact our team to discuss wall design and installation possibilities for your facility.

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Speed Walls

The aim of the game is to climb to the top of the wall as fast as you can! Speed climbing takes place on a standard climbing wall with the same holds and routes for each athlete.

Speed walls are 15 metres high and an excellent discipline for competition. It’s also quite exciting for spectators!

We build speed walls from Entre Prises climbing – the IFSC official speed walls manufacturers.

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Bouldering Walls

Bouldering is performed without any ropes or harnesses on a wall no higher than 4.5 metres above thick crash mats.

Each time you climb you need to solve a route or ‘problem’ by performing a sequence of moves. Great for all skill levels and ages, you can boulder alone or as part of a group.

With fewer building height constraints, bouldering walls are becoming increasingly popular as they can be installed in a wider range of spaces than many climbing walls. They require minimal staffing, which is a bonus for centres when considering running costs and are a wonderful fitness alternative.

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Traverse Walls

Climbed horizontally instead of vertically, traverse walls are a form of bouldering. The challenge is to make it from one side to the other, as opposed from bottom to top with a standard climb route.

Climbers don’t use ropes or harnesses, with a safety surface in place below. You’re never more than a few feet off the floor as you traverse and it’s a great way to discover bouldering.

We recommend traverse walls for schools, young children and both outdoor and indoor surfaces. Like standard bouldering walls, traverse walls can be installed almost anywhere.

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Competition Walls

Lead, Speed and Bouldering walls can all be used in competitive climbing if they meet the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) requirements.

If you wish to run climbing competitions from your centre, it is important that you consider IFSC requirements before installing walls.

Some things to consider:

  • Lead climbing walls need to be a minimum of 13 metres to a maximum of 16 metres high.
  • Bouldering walls a height of 4.5 metres, maximum of 5 metres
  • Speed walls there are two possible heights, either 10 or 15 metres and clear ceiling height is needed to place the top anchors, either 11.7 or 16.7 metres.

For full specifications of competition walls, please contact our team.

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Exclusive Australian Distributor of Entre Prises Climbing Walls

Experts in the design and manufacture of ‘state of the art’ climbing walls, Entre Prises are the world leader in their field. They have completed over 6,000 climbing wall projects worldwide, with manufacturing in the U.S., France, China and the United Kingdom.

In 2020, climbing officially became an Olympic sport, with sport climbing being included in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. This incorporates three climbing disciplines of bouldering, lead and speed climbing.

Entre Prise are proud to have been chosen to provide the walls for this prestigious event and we at Highgate are excited to be the exclusive Australian distributor, enabling us to supply and install these world class products for our clients.

Ready to plan your bespoke climbing walls? Contact our team today.

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