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Take Your Facility To The Next Level

Bring free fall to your facility with QuickFlight, an exhilarating, high throughput free fall thrill for all ages.

The QuickFlight Free Fall Device provides an exciting free fall experience with high throughput and low operational costs for ropes courses, zip line towers, family entertainment centres, and more. You can choose your device based on your mounting height options and RipCord configuration to increase the free fall distance. Please talk to us to ensure you are buying the appropriate device and configuration for your mounting height.

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True Free Fall

Head Rush magnetic braking technology enables QuickFlight to offer an unrestricted ‚”true free fall‚” up to 4m. True free fall combined with a high GPA (ground proximity awareness) factor results in a complete free fall experience truly unlike anything in the industry.

Dual Line System

Redundant, dual line system and built-in Overload Protection Assemblies (OPAs) serve to maximize rider comfort and operator peace of mind.

Operational Compatibility

Mount the QuickFlight indoors or out with options for low mounting that ranges up to 23m. A wide range of weights (20-130kg) and mounting options allow for a custom free fall experience that is compatible with the height of your structures and comfort levels of your clientele.

Magnetic Braking Technology

Magnetics allow for a compact design that is easy to install, carry, and service, making it perfect for a top anchor on an existing tower or platform. Eddy current, magnetic braking used in free fall offers a soft catch and smooth descent, cycle after cycle.

High Throughput

The QuickFlight retracts quickly and safely, allowing for more throughput than other free fall devices. Easy installation, portability, and field replaceability of parts means you’ll save more over time.

Note: The primary difference between the QuickFlight and QuickFlight XL is mounting height.

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  • Rated Working Capacity: 20 to 130 kg
  • Dimensions: 80 x 320 x 216 mm
  • Device Weight: QuickFlight: 25 kg
  • Warranty (all devices): 2 years
  • ASTM F2291-11: Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices

QuickFlight Low Mount

  • Minimum Mounting Height – 6.0
  • Maximum Mounting Height – 8.3 m

QuickFlight 1m RipCord

  • Minimum Mounting Height – 8 m
  • Maximum Mounting Height – 14.3 m

QuickFlight 2m RipCord

  • Minimum Mounting Height – 9 m
  • Maximum Mounting Height – 15.3 m

QuickFlight XL 1 m RipCord

  • Minimum Mounting Height – 12 m
  • Maximum Mounting Height – 21.8 m

QuickFlight XL 2 m RipCord

  • Minimum Mounting Height – 13 m
  • Maximum Mounting Height – 23 m
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Flightline Free Fall Device

FlightLine is the next step in the evolution of free fall devices. It provides an extended, true free fall sensation and incporates the advanced magnetic braking technology for a smooth catch to offer thrill seekers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Flightline With 4.5m Ripcord

FlightLine with a 4.5m RipCord provides a free fall of approximately 4.5 m


  • Dimensions: 615 x 457 x 234 mm
  • Device Weight: 59 kg
  • Rated Working Capacity: 34 to 113 kg


  • Minimum Mounting Height: 18.5 m
  • Maximum Mounting Height: 23 m

Flightline With 6.0m Ripcord

FlightLine with a 6.0m RipCord provides a free fall of approximately 8m


  • Dimensions: 615 x 457 x 234 mm
  • Device Weight: 59 kg
  • Rated Working Capacity: 34 to 130 kg


  • Minimum Mounting Height: 20 m
  • Maximum Mounting Height: 24.5 m

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