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We Specialise In Customised Solutions For All Needs

We believe that everyone should have access to facilities that encourage health, fitness and fun, regardless of their abilities and needs.

Those who operate occupational therapy centres are often not aware of what is possible in their facility in terms of adventure and entertainment products. Many we consult with don’t realise it is possible for products to be modified to suit the varied needs of their clients, including options for the visually and hearing impaired.

Our aim is to provide safe, controlled and relaxed environments for young people in occupational therapy settings to explore the fun of indoor rock climbing, ninja warrior courses and trampolining.

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No Sensory Overload – Just A Lot Of Fun

We respect that many young people and their families who rely on occupational therapy would not feel comfortable or safe going to an indoor trampoline park, or family entertainment centre, due to possible sensory overload.

With this in mind, we work closely with occupational therapists to gain a clear understanding of the needs of their clients and the space available within their centres. Using this information, we are able to offer customised solutions that take these factors into account and as always, meet the Australian Safety Standards.

From initial consultation, design and construction, through to inspection and maintenance, we handle the lot.

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Modifying For Your Needs

During the consultation process, we establish a clear brief, focusing on the outcomes you want to achieve with your clients. With this information, we can offer the best products and solutions that will work for your centre and client needs.


In the case of minimising sensory overload, we ensure that the colour palette used on all products is limited and any graphics are simplified. In some projects we have only used black and white throughout the design.


We can modify a number of our adventure products. For example, climbing walls traditionally have hand holds that sit beyond the wall surface, which can pose a hazard for some clients. We can design climbing walls which use cut outs, so there aren’t any elements that are not flush with the wall surface – a safer alternative, which still provides the many benefits of climbing.

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Occupational Therapy Facilities We’ve Created

We have provided consultation, design and installation for the following facilities:

  • OTFC+: Mile End, Adelaide
    (8 years – young adult focus). Products included climbing frame, bouldering walls, ninja course elements.
  • OTFC: Parkside, Adelaide
    (5-12 year old focus). Products included: climbing frame, climbing walls, ninja course elements, trampolining and motor skill activity applications.
  • CanDo for Kids: Adelaide (multiple locations)
    (5-12 year old focus). Consulted with therapists and provided design ideas to cater to motor skill development for their clients, including those with hearing and visual impairment. Products included a Valo Climb wall.

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We can adapt the following products to suit your needs:

  • Climbing walls
  • Climbing frames
  • Ninja elements: cargo net, warped wall
  • Trampolining
  • Bouldering walls
  • Valo Climb
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Climbing Walls

Climbing walls, bouldering walls, speed climbing walls and more - you name it, we can help

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Ninja Courses

Partner with Highgate Group to design and build a ninja warrior course for any skill level or age group

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Valo Climb

Let us help you make climbing fun with the award winning ValoClimb solution for indoor spaces

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Valo Jump

Make fitness fun, whilst creating engaging marketing and revenue opportunities at your centre