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RCI Adventure Supplier, Ropes Course Installer

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Safely & At Your Own Pace

We are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributors of RCI Adventure Products. Having been in the business of creating innovative adventure products worldwide since 1989, they are industry leaders who continue to pioneer in the space of aerial attractions.

Give your guests nothing but unforgettable thrills and fun by offering them any of the following popular attractions:

Sky Trail
Sky Trail Discovery
Sky Trail Explorer
Sky Trail Voyager
Sky Trail Expedition
Sky Trail Seeker
Sky Trail Tykes
Sky Trail Rails

RCI Installation, High Ropes Courses

Sky Trail

A vertical extension of fun! This highly customisable and versatile product comes in a variety of colour schemes, theme choices and options for different elements. It is available for all ages and skill levels. With only 1-2 operators required per level and minimal maintenance required (thanks to durable materials encouraging longevity) you can keep your operation costs down. The Sky Trail is flexible to your space and can be installed indoors or outdoors. Utilising a U.S patented overhead tracking system and time-tested safety equipment such as single redundant sling lines, full body harnesses, double locking carabiners and more, participants are ensured to be secure throughout the entirety of their experience.

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Sky Trail Discovery

Designed To Grow With Your Business

Looking for an aerial attraction that caters to a large range of facilities? Sky Trail Discover is a fully customisable attraction capable of rising up to 1 or 2 levels. Both options are engineered with 2.7m of clearance beneath, which enables a range of additional attractions within this space beneath, such as arcade games, mini golf, party rooms and more. Additional height is possible if your ceiling heights allow. You can expand the attraction by adding more poles, elements or components, such as Sky Rail or Sky Tykes.
RCI Adventure Supplier, Ropes Course Installer

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RCI Supplier, Ropes Course Installer

Sky Trail Explorer

Cater To Large Groups Of Visitors Indoors And Out

Flexible in nature, the Explorer can evolve to four levels or more, making it the ideal attraction for sites catering to significant volumes of visitors, both indoors and out. An added benefit to this design is the limitless pole expansion, which allows the attraction to continue to grow as needed. You can seamlessly pair the Explorer with multiple Sky Rails or a Sky Tykes. For added excitement, a QuickFlight free-fall exit can be incorporated to promote a wide age range participation and maximise profits.

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Sky Trail Voyager

For Locations With Extensive Foot Traffic

With the potential to soar up to four levels tall, its 2-4 linear paths of elements safely support large capacities of guests. This aerial attraction is the perfect fit for sites that want to increase the influx of participants to their location and enjoy the benefits that come with a quick turn-around of guests. With this option, there are several viable options for additions, including a Sky Rail or a QuickFlight free-fall exit to guarantee your guests have an amazing time they would find hard to forget.
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Sky Trail Expedition

For Sites With Limited Space

Showcasing two linear paths of elements up to two levels high. Its single pole, linear design and circular system options minimise footprint while at the same time benefit locations with high visitor traffic. The Expedition can be placed in a variety of environments and is most commonly used by water-based businesses such as cruise ships or locations who want to maximise throughput with minimal required square footage.

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Sky Trail Seeker

For Your Younger Guests

Specifically created to encourage pre-adolescents as well as teens to ascend to comfortable heights without a guardian’s assistance, the Seeker is for those 99-163cm tall and under 68kg. The attraction features elements specific for their body sizes and ability levels. Ceilings as high as 6.1m can comfortably fit a two-level attraction and the higher the Sky Trail Seeker, the more the elements get increasingly difficult. You can expand this attraction up to four levels tall, if your facility space allows. It is an ideal addition to centres such as children’s museums, zoos and many others containing high foot traffic areas for younger guests.
RCI Adventure Supplier, Ropes Courses Installer

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Sky Tykes

For Your Pint-Sized Adventurers

For guests 1.2m tall and under, Sky Tykes uses the same engineered technology as Sky Trail, with shrunken elements to proportionally fit children. A safety overhead tracking system tailored to a smaller sized participant keeps kids secure while still giving them a taste of independence as their parents supervise nearby. This attraction introduces to kids an adventureous experience and allows them to unleash their imagination.

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Sky Rails

Allow For High Volume Throughput & Thrills!

Choose from three primary model designs (straight, curved and side by side) depending on the space allotment and watch your guests glide across the attraction. Participants will be enthralled by a smooth ride on the Sky Rail amongst an adventurous Sky Trail. Younger children are able to enjoy the Sky Rail as part of the Sky Tykes set up, using a friction decelerator and safety gate, which provides an easy and safe method for kids.
RCI Adventure Supplier, Ropes Courses Installer

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RCI Installation, High Ropes Course Design

Each Sky Trail comes with the following features:

  • Standard colour scheme and rope colours
  • Appropriate amount of safety equipment: harnesses, redundant sling lines, emergency take down kits
  • Harness rack(s)
  • Entrance barrier
  • Minimum of 2 element track stops
  • Final course inspection and certification
  • Operator training
  • 1 year warranty on structure and paint

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Why Choose RCI Adventure Products?

Higher life expectancy courses

Where traditional ropes courses are constructed from wood, RCI high ropes courses have a much longer life expectancy with highest quality steel components for structure. For locations near the coast, we offer a galvanised finish to reduce the risk of corrosion. 

No bottle neck = more customers

A unique feature of the Sky Trail courses is the ability to offer high capacity and throughput. A continuous safety track system follows the path of the course, so once customers are harnessed up to a lanyard, their safety line is attached to their harness. This line, once in the safety system, is secured and participants cannot exit from the track until they have returned to ground level.

Benefits of this set up:

  • Makes operating easy
  • Greatly reduces risk of human error
  • Cuts back on staffing requirements.
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