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We offer you a one-stop-shop when it comes to your adventure and recreation equipment needs. You can be assured of the rigorous Australian safety requirements being met by every piece of equipment that we supply.

From rock climbing holds and abseiling belays to gymnastic and military training equipment, we’ve got you covered.

We are the exclusive Australian distributor of several of the world’s leading brands in adventure equipment.

Clip N Climb

Ready to make climbing fun? Whether you’re planning to open a complete Clip N Climb centre, or incorporate Clip N Climb challenges into your family entertainment centre – Highgate can help you

RCI Adventure

As the exclusive distributor or RCI Adventure Products in Australia, we can help you give your guests thrills and fun that they will never forget

Head Rush Technologies - TRUBLUE

If you want to incorporate the TRUBLUE Auto Belay system, Highgate Group can help with your standard TRUBLUE, TRUBLUE XL, TRUBLUE Speed and all the TRUBLUE accessories you need

Head Rush Technologies - QuickFlight

Take your facility to the next level with QuickFlight – the free fall device that provides an exciting free fall experience. Find out more and see how we can help you pick the right solution for you

Head Rush Technologies - ZipSTOP

Whether you have a high ropes course, family entertainment centre or training centre, ZipSTOP uses the advanced braking technology from Head Rush so you can quickly and easily Zip. STOP. Repeat


Interested in ways to take climbing walls to the next level? Highgate are an exclusive distributor of the award winning Valo Motion augmented climbing wall which is perfect for your indoor climbing and recreation centre


Make exercise fun with Valo Motion’s award winning, fully automatic ValoJump. This will fit perfectly into your indoor location and give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for