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Helping People Challenge Themselves

Highgate is about giving opportunities. We provide and create equipment and facilities that give people the chance to try things that they may never have given a go before.

It’s not about the strongest, or fittest, or sportiest – it’s about individuals challenging themselves.

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Your Industry Is Our Passion

We are passionate about finding the right products to suit your requirements, no matter what industry you might be in.  From schools and outdoor education to family entertainment centres, from occupational therapy centres to Defence and State and Federal Police, we can find the right solutions for your needs.

We’ve been in the business of designing, manufacturing and installing outdoor education and training equipment since 1996. 

“In the late eighties, the outdoor education industry was fairly new to Australia, with most kids climbing on natural rock faces, kayaking on lakes or orienteering. The ropes courses back then were hooked up between trees or sometimes telegraph poles.”

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Solving A Problem In Outdoor Education

While knowing the many benefits of the great outdoors and using what was naturally available, we also recognised there was a gap in the market to develop and distribute outdoor education equipment.  Highgate came about because there was no one at the time building ropes courses or climbing walls in centres and camps, or other locations.

In the early days we worked primarily with outdoor education providers, which then progressed into creating and installing products for private and state schools, then Scouts and Guides and eventually evolved into landing contracts with the Military, designing and developing training facilities for the Defence Forces.

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The Best Adventure Equipment In One Place

In early 2000 we saw another shift in the marketplace and used our skills and experience to help customers in the adventure leisure industry.  We sought out the best quality products around the world that would deliver the wow factor and create experiences customers would want to keep coming back for, in a safe environment.   

Today, we are exclusive distributors in Australia for high quality products as well as building our own climbing and bouldering walls and ninja warrior courses.  We continue to serve our long-time Defence, Police, Education and Government clients, while also expanding our client base to work with customers in commercial entertainment, amusement and leisure facilities. 

The Highgate Group Difference


The philosophy of the company is to clearly establish what you want to achieve.  What are your ideal outcomes?  How can we help you achieve these?  We are passionate about working with you to provide you with state-of-the-art facilities that are safe, of very high quality and are built for longevity.

Building Long Term Relationships

We pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our clients. We work in collaboration with you to provide the highest standard of facilities and strive to ensure that these facilities continue to be safe and reliable to use long into the future.  

Our services don’t stop when construction is finished.  We provide comprehensive inspections, maintenance, servicing and certification of our products and equipment.  We believe this ongoing relationship is reflected in the length of time we have worked for our clients and is also evident when we are successful in winning tenders multiple times.

At The Forefront Of Risk Management

Highgate were the first company in Australia to involve engineers in the process of creating equipment and facilities in outdoor education.  We created a document with an engineer, who certified what we had developed, in a time when others were not doing any research or development at all. 

We were then, and still are today, all about researching and designing to create equipment for safety and longevity.  The engineering document, focusing on risk management and safety in equipment and facilities, was taken to a conference and put Highgate at the forefront of the outdoor education industry.

Safety is paramount to us. When searching for products to bring to our customers this is the number one requirement we have of our suppliers.  Our second requirement is quality.  For us to select products they have to be the best in the marketplace and provide quality that will last the distance and stand the test of time.

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The Future For Highgate And Our Customers

With digital transformation impacting most industries globally, the adventure sports and family entertainment industry is no different. For Highgate, this brings opportunities to embrace technology in a way where the client gets to use the technology to their advantage, for their enjoyment.

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