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We Work With Your Well After The Job Is Finished

Once your facility is constructed and open for use, it is vital that routine inspections and maintenance take place to ensure you are meeting best practice and safety requirements. We offer a range of services after construction has completed and for those who have existing equipment. Please note that we offer our services to clients who have had their facility created and installed by other providers, along with those we have installed ourselves.

With over 25 years industry experience, we respect the importance of ongoing client and facility care. We provide the highest level of service at each stage and our inspections and maintenance are no exception.

Customised Services To Suit Your Facility

Our comprehensive inspections and maintenance program of services can be packaged in any combination to meet your requirements. Select any of the following services:

Documentation review
Facility inspection
Engineering analysis
Operational review
Recertification and management
Ongoing inspection and maintenance

Documentation review for adventure equipment

Documentation Review

We will do a thorough review of your current facility documents, including:

  • Design and engineering documentation
  • Standard operational procedures
  • Existing maintenance manuals.

Once we have reviewed your documents, we will provide recommendations for improvements and upgrades and where necessary we can develop new documentation.

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Facility Inspection

Our inspection and maintenance review team will conduct a comprehensive inspection in accordance with current industry standards and guidelines. You will receive a report outlining the current safety and integrity of your facility, along with any recommended service and maintenance needs.
high ropes course inspection

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obstacle course inspection

Engineering Analysis

Qualified structural engineers will run a full inspection of your current equipment and provide you with a detailed engineering analysis and report. We will identify any issues with the current equipment and overall facility and propose solutions to remedy any issues.

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Operational Review

Your current operational procedures will receive an in-depth analysis. Where required we will propose solutions. Our review covers the following key areas:

  • Safety
  • Training
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Equipment
  • Documentation
obstacle course inspection

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Rock climbing wall certification, ropes courses certification


If your facility meets the necessary requirements, we can provide you with engineering and industry standard certification. In the event your facility is not currently meeting the industry requirements, we can propose recommendations to ensure it can be certified.

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Recertification and Management

Does your facility require recertification? We can provide planning, implementation, management and review of all approved recertification work.
high ropes course inspection

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Ongoing Inspection and Maintenance

Once construction is completed, we supply you with a recommended schedule of future inspections and maintenance to meet the safety, integrity and reliability of your facilities.

Another company install your facility? No problem!

We often work with clients on their routine inspections and maintenance even if we didn’t design and install the initial facility. Please contact our customer service team if you would like to discuss your inspection and maintenance needs.

Customised Services To Suit Your Facility

Our team of qualified inspection and maintenance professionals visit sites around Australia and provide detailed reports based on the condition of your equipment against current safety standards.

We offer comprehensive inspection and maintenance services to:

Military training facilities
Adventure challenge facilities
Camps and outdoor education organisations
Corporate training centres
Hotels and resorts
YMCA’s and PCYC’s
Scouts and Guides
Schools, colleges and universities
Shopping Centres
Occupational therapy centres
Family entertainment centres

We can help you figure out the frequency of inspections required to ensure your facility is meeting Australian safety standards and regulations. Contact the team for an initial phone consultation, or to book your site visit.

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