A Safe Space to Learn and Grow

Here at Highgate we often put the focus on the entertainment appeal of our projects and the buzz they create for your business but there is another side to the projects we work on and that is improving health and wellbeing.

Earlier this year Highgate were approached to design and construct an occupational therapy space in which children could learn and grow in a safe environment. The team at Occupational Therapy for Children are based in Adelaide and wanted to expand their practice to include various learning challenges in which the children could participate and not feel overwhelmed.

The facility, called OTFC+, includes a play structure, bouldering wall, Zipline and a Ninja course designed to cater for a range of abilities. The centre will be primarily used as a one on one environment allowing children and young adults to develop their agility and confidence as they take on each element with the support of trained professionals.

If you would like to know more about this project or discuss an educational build you can contact us on 02 9999 0055 or send us an email at admin@highgategroup.com.au

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