Another Clip ‘n Climb ready to launch

Philip Island Clip ‘n Climb is in the final stages before they open their doors to the public. One of the final stages of these projects for Highgate is ensuring you and your team are all educated in the safe and correct use of the challenges and equipment including TRUBLUE auto belays, helmets and harnesses. We want you to be prepared and ready to go (and grow.)

Our trainers come to you and your centre to ensure you know the ropes- literally and figuratively. At Highgate we value safety above anything else and we want to make sure you and your team know the ins and outs of any installations or equipment we have provided on these large scale projects.

Highgate will show you the day-to-day inspections and maintenance required, how to remove a TRUBLUE for its annual service, what to do in case a rescue is required on one for the Clip ‘n Climb challenges and much more.

Highgate is also available to conduct the annual inspection of the Clip ‘n Climb facility. We have a keen eye for those safety matters that are important but may be missed by those without the expert eye. Our inspection team have years of experience installing and inspecting each element and we are here to help and keep all Clip ‘n Climb centres in tip top shape. In fact our team travels Australia wide installing and inspecting not just Clip ‘n Climb centres but high ropes courses, climbing walls, obstacle courses and many more adventure leisure activities that require safety to be the number one priority.

If you would like to know more about the installation or training process that goes into the opening of new Clip ‘n Climb centres or would like to organise an inspection or installation of an adventure leisure project of your own please contact us at our office on 02 9999 0055 or send an email to we’d be happy to discuss your needs with you.

If you want to check out the new the facility opening at Phillip Island check them out online-

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