Ready, Steady……GoClimb!

It’s a big build but someone’s gotta do it. Highgate has just completed the fitout of the GoClimb family entertainment centre in Coburg Victoria and it includes some of our newest and most innovative entertainment solutions to date. The build included the installation of the augmented climbing wall ValoClimb, the construction of a custom designed Ninja Warrior course and the assembly of 26 Clip ‘n Climb challenges.

The site includes the world first interactive augmented climbing wall ValoClimb (you may have seen this exciting new activity at this year’s Sydney Fitness Expo but if you missed out click here to check it out.) ValoClimb makes great use of a small space needing only 5m wide by 5m high to operate. The wall comes with a range of games and training solutions to suit first time climbers to seasoned professionals, climbers even have the ability to record their climb and send a copy of the video to themselves for review.

ValoClimb engages customers, is intuitive to use and requires minimal staff supervision and equipment- the bouldering setup means that no harness system is required. The activity makes a great addition to existing climbing centres, family entertainment centres, gyms and even shopping centres. This is a great and exciting product that Highgate have been excited to bring to the Australian market, we are equally excited for ValoJump which uses the same innovative technology to create a virtual world based around trampolining, if you want to see more you can check it out below.

Highgate have custom designed and built a Ninja Warrior course for GoClimb to be launched as NinjaX. Ninja Warrior courses have expanded their popularity all over Australia due to the success of TV shows like Australian Ninja Warrior and Australian Spartan. It’s a stimulating and challenging fitness activity that keeps customers coming back for more. Elements vary in difficulty and appeal to a wide range of participants- those taking on the run for fun and those developing their skills to be the last Ninja Warrior standing.

Ninja Warrior courses provide a great opportunity to promote local competitions, fundraisers and team building challenges targeted at the corporate and education markets. Courses can be built in a range of sizes and formations to fit a wide range of spaces. If you would like to discuss your Ninja needs simply contact our office to discuss the best options for you.

The final attraction in this epic trifecta build was the installation of 26 Clip ‘n Climb challenges. Our team worked really hard on this one and had installed over five elements in the first four days! We have a great team at Highgate and everyone works hard to deliver each and every project.

The Clip ‘n Climb elements offer a vibrant climbing activity for a wide range of climbers with the majority of elements offering various challenges to target all skill levels. Each climb is unique and daring and the bright colours add a brilliant ‘wow’ factor. The climbs are all fitted with TRUBLUE automatic belay devices to ensure the safety of each and every climber plus it has the added benefit of requiring less floor staff and enables more patrons through the centre. A TRUBLUE device enables climbers weighing as little as 10kg to get up and go climb.

If you are planning a big project or looking to interject new life in to a current location Highgate can help. We have experience designing and installing projects both big and small and are happy to discuss your requirements and options with you. Simply call or email our office on 02 9999 0055 or

If you want to visit GoClimb you can head to their site at Lincoln Mills Homemaker Centre, 64-74 Gaffney Street, Coburg Vic 3058 or check them out online

If you are interested in seeing other Highgate installed sites please call us to discuss.

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