Climbing to New Heights

Most of us loved climbing the rock walls in playgrounds when we were kids, but when was the last time you launched yourself up a vertical wall with nothing but a few hand and foot holds and maybe, if you’re lucky, a harness? In the past rock climbing might have seemed like a sport just for kids or the overly adventurous types but the rise in new products and indoor climbing facilities over the past several years, has made this sport much more accessible, both geographically and in terms of skill, and seen its popularity boom.

In fact, in 2016 the IOC officially announced that Climbing had been approved as an event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The committee actually recognised the recent rise in the popularity of climbing and expressed that the inclusion of sport, bouldering, and speed climbing was a bid to try and get younger generations more involved in the Olympics.

So why are young people so drawn to this sport?

Well the truth is gone are the days when your only option for staying in shape was joining a gym and getting on the treadmill. Nowadays, exercise happens indoors, outdoors, in classes, individually, with your kids and even with your pets, and for most people a good work out is as much about having fun and being entertained as it is about getting your heart racing. But let’s be real, we still want a work out that is going to target and engage our muscles and put those muscles to work, and there is no activity that meets all of these needs quite like climbing.

As a form of exercise climbing demands more complex movement from the body than the repetitive motions required for rowing or cycling. Your mind is stimulated and put to work first to figure out the best path ahead and then your body is put to the test to execute that plan. Your legs have to push and hold your weight, your core has to hold you steady, your arms have to hoist you up higher, and all the while your heart is pounding from exertion and adrenaline.

But this isn’t just a sport for gym junkies (although, gym junkies are always welcome). With new products such as the Clip ‘N Climb aimed at people with no climbing experience and offering vibrant, colourful stations for all skill-levels, climbing can be a surprisingly fun and social activity too. If you’re competitive you can race your friends to the top in a game that tests your speed, agility, and strategizing, or if not you can cheer them on from the ground and help them plan out their own strategy. Either way, this sport really does offer something for everyone.

If you think your clients could benefit from the exciting work out and mental stimulation climbing has to offer, and if you want to get a jump on this exhilarating sport before the 2020 Olympics sees its popularity sky-rocket even higher, then check out the rest of our website for all the unique climbing products we distribute, install, and maintain.

If you’d like to talk to us directly about what is the best option for your business you can call us on 02 9999 0055 or email us via

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