Battling the Winter Blues Ninja Warrior Style

Tackle winter head on with the addition of a Ninja Warrior Course.

As the weather cools down fitness motivation drops. It’s dark, it’s cold and running on a treadmill and pushing weights for an hour is the last thing anyone wants to do.

It’s a tough time of year for gyms, the New Year Resolutioners have dropped off and clients are looking for new a different ways to keep themselves fit.

When looking for a new innovative way to maintain your current clientele and bring in new members during the slower months a Ninja Warrior Course can provide the perfect solution. The course offers an alternative approach to fitness to keep motivation levels high during the colder months and continue to draw clientele in year round.

Ninja Warrior Courses can be installed inside enabling all elements to be used year round and elements can be updated and modified over time to keep the hard core trainers motivated.

Draw in crowds and boost membership numbers by hosting Ninja Warrior Challenge events at your venue. The popular television show ‘Ninja Warrior’ is set to premiere its Australian season later this year and interest in the sport will be at an all-time high.

If the Ninja Warrior Course sparks your interest and you would like more information you can find it here, to discuss further you can email or call us on 02 9999 0055.

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