Inspections & Maintenance

The Highgate Group offers a range of services after construction and for those with existing equipment.
Our services include site inspections, maintenance and performing remedial work. We are also an Authorised Service Centre for Head Rush and Edelrid products. In addition to this we have an experienced team who can provide on-site training courses to advise staff on best practice and ensure correct use of equipment.

Highgate prioritises safety as one of our core values and we take that to every site (and piece of equipment) we inspect.


Inspections & Maintenance

At Highgate we provide the highest level of service and our inspections are no exception.
We have a team of qualified individuals who visit sites around Australia and provide detailed reports based on the condition of your equipment and current applicable standards. Our inspections cover adventure challenge facilities, training equipment, Play Grounds and Roof Anchors.
With industry experience spanning over 20 years we can provide the advice and recommendations   required to keep your site and equipment safe for everyone involved. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their facilities continue to remain safe and reliable to use.

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Authorised Service Centre

We are the only Authorised Service Centre in Australia for some of the leading industry brands - Head Rush and Edelrid. To ensure the highest level of safety annual inspections are recommended for all safety devices including Edelrid smart belays, Head Rush Trublues, QuickJumps and ZipStops.
Highgate has a team of qualified technicians who have an in depth knowledge of this equipment maintaining attention to detail and adhering to strict industry standards with each piece of equipment serviced.  

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