Defence Services

Highgate leads the way in providing a complete one-stop solution from design, through to construction and inspection & maintenance of cutting edge training facilities. We specialise in providing tailored physical facilities and training programs for all branches of the military, as well as police, education and corporate training markets in Australia. Highgate also provides tactical equipment solutions for the military.


Highgate’s unique and comprehensive program provides a full range of services that can be packaged in almost any combination to suit your specific requirements. 


We have been providing comprehensive inspection, maintenance, servicing, and certification services to a wide range of military and training facilities, as well as playgrounds and related equipment for over a decade. We understand these training facilities are subject to heavy demand and the inspections require strict attention to detail and rigorous compliance to standards and safety.   


Highgate provides comprehensive design, engineering, construction and installation services for a wide range of products, including:

• Assault Courses

• Boarding Search & Seize Courses

• Caving & Tunnelling Systems

• Climbing Walls

• Counter Terrorism Training Systems

• Fitness Trails

• Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT)

• Muscle Toughening

• Obstacle Courses

• Over Pool Obstacle Courses

• Ropes Courses

• Special Purpose Facilities

• Training Towers


Please refer to the below to see how Highgate can assist you in the development and maintenance of your site;


Client Consultation 

Full initial consultation to identify specific needs, and develop the scope of the project.


Documentation Review

A thorough review of all current facility documentation: including all design and engineering documentation, standard operational procedures, and maintenance manuals. Provide recommendations for improvements and upgrades, and develop new documentation where necessary.


Facility Review

On site visits by qualified personnel, who will provide a comprehensive facility inspection and review in accordance with current Australian and international industry standards. A detailed report is provided with photos which outline the current safety and integrity of the facility, identify any service and maintenance requirements, and provide proposed solutions.


Engineering Analysis

Qualified structural engineers can inspect equipment, and provide a detailed engineering analysis and report if required. This report will identify any engineering issues with the current facilities, and provide proposed solutions.


Operational Review

Provides a comprehensive analysis of current standard operational procedures related to such areas as safety, training, inspections, maintenance, servicing, equipment, and documentation. Provides recommendations for improvements and upgrades.


Rectification & Management

Includes the timely planning, implementation, management and review of all approved rectification work.



Provides engineering and industry standard certification to all facilities that meet the necessary requirements, and full recommendations on how to meet such requirements.


Ongoing Inspection & Maintenance

Provides the client with a recommended schedule of future inspections and maintenance necessary to maintain the safety, integrity and reliability of all facilities. This will include a full cost analysis for providing this ongoing service.



Highgate has wealth of experience acquired from providing ongoing services to a range of defence clients, these clients include:

• Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, ACT

• Royal Military College, Duntroon, ACT

• Police State Protection Group Tactical Response, NSW

• Canungra Army Base, Canungra, QLD

• Holsworthy Army Base, Sydney, NSW

• RAAF Base Wagga Wagga, NSW

• RAAF Amberly, QLD

• Army Gallipoli, QLD

• Australian Federal Police

• HMAS Garden Island, Sydney, NSW

• HMAS Cerberus, Melbourne, VIC

• HMAS Cresswell, Nowra, NSW

For more information on the on defence services you can contact our office on 02 9999 0055 or send us and email at