Introducing ValoJump an interactive trampoline gaming platform that takes trampolining to a whole new level.  Bounce on a real trampoline and get a great workout while having fun playing.

ValoJump is augmented reality meets trampolining.  Combining the latest in augmented reality with the fun of the mat, think Mario Bros meets trampolining.  The result? A fully automatic trampoline game platform that comes in a plug and play package with all hardware and software included.

The benefits include:

  • An easy addition to your current centre with it's ability to plug and play

  • An immersive digital experience in a compact space

  • Suitable for all ages, sizes and skill levels of players

  • Games and training apps included

  • Intuitive user interface and remote scheduling means that your personnel are not needed for daily operations

  • An attraction that will entertain gamers, athletes and people who want to have fun

  • Video recording that provides instant feedback for your tricks and social sharing

What's in the box?

ValoJump comes with everything you need to start jumping. And with the latest cloud-based technology included you can be assured that your system will be continuously monitored and updated as required to ensure you are always accessing the latest games and technology.

ValoJump comes with five entertaining games and applications preloaded.  Some are designed to help beginners learn basic skills, while others aid the more serious trampolinists to improve theirs.  All you need to do is start jumping!

Each of the games is designed to make learning trampoline skills fun.  Thanks to ValoJump anybody can enjoy a good trampoline session and a great workout.

Key Features

  • Plug and Play

  • Suitable for any skill level, size and age

  • Superb training for coordination skills and jump heights

  • Gets even more experienced jumpers out of breath when they go for the high score

Two Player Games

Super Stomp

The first two player game.  Super Stomp, players get to complete against their friends in fast-paced matches where they try to stomp each other into the background before they get a chance to do the same.  Competitors need to be quick in their movements or outsmart their opponent to win.

Single Player Games


Bounce your way through the skies!  Tree branches, islands and clouds work as your steps up.  But be careful, goats may ram you off the islands or thunderbolts from the storm clouds may zap you.


Skytails is a great way to learn control jump height and position on a trampoline.  The bonus is while you are working your way thorough the levels you are getting in shape as well!


Defend the sand castle from flying beach toys.  Jump back and forth on the bridge to deflate the toys before they hit the castle.  Catch potions and spades for help, but beware of the octopuses and other lurking dangers.  Toywatch is the ultimate and crazy game for learning basics of trampolining, doing a cardio workout or just having a blast.

For the Professionals - Training Applications

ValoJump is not just fun for beginners.  Although games are fun, we have also included training applications for more serious practice.  Now there is no need to get off the trampoline to track your progress.  The applications allow you to immediately see your performance and improve it.

Delay Mirror

Video feedback can't get any faster.  Delay Mirror shows your trampolining tricks with delay time of your choice.

Delay Mirror is the ideal training app form your first attempt of a new trampolining trick right through to the final  polish.  Choose your delay time, jump and watch the recording directly on the screen in front of you.

Rec Studio

Rec studio acts as your trampoline app for perfecting more extended sequences.  It is easy to use:

Choose how long a session you want to record on video

  • Do your sequence

  • Watch the video for feedback

  • Repeat or share it with your friends

Would you like to know more about ValoJump?  drop us an email: or give us a call on 02 9999 0055 we would be delighted to assist you.

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