QUICKjump Free Fall Device

The QUICKjump family of free fall devices were designed as a natural extension of the Head Rush Technologies patented magnetic braking technology, allowing a jumper a thrilling free fall before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. They give riders the sensation of a real free fall, and it makes a QUICKjump the perfect addition to a ropes course or any outdoor attraction that wants to add a real 'wow' factor.

QUICKjump is also a great attraction for amusement parks, family entertainment centers (the XS model was created specifically for indoor facilities or installations with low mounting heights), adventure parks, shopping centers, resorts, and more.

It is modular and compact so it can be installed in almost any high location and moved easily.

There are three devices in the QUICKjump family and each comes with a standard free fall distance that can be extended with an optional RipCord (see below). The overall free fall sensation depends on the device, ripcord, and mounting height, and ranges from 1.6 m on the QUICKjump XS with 1.5m RipCord to 6m on the QUICKjump XL with the 3m RipCord.

QUICKjump Highlights

  • True free fall feeling with our magnetic braking technology adapted to allow an initial rapid descent, giving the rider a stomach-flipping thrill

  • Simple to install and relocate with a compact, modular unit designed to be hung from a top anchor and moved easily

  • High throughput with a line that retracts quickly and smoothly, allowing for rapid turnover and providing a high return on investment

  • High reliability with no sacrificial wear parts

  • Minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership

  • The webbing is stitched with an integrated Overload Protection Assembly (OPA) for extra defense against excessive deceleration (and the OPA has a durable, removable cover to shield it from the elements)


  • Dimensions: 80 x 320 x 216 mm 

  • Device Weight
    QUICKjump, QUICKjump XS: 19.75 kg

    QUICKjump XL: 20.8 kg 
  • Rated Working Capacity
    QUICKjump, QUICKjump XL: 20 to 130 kg
    QUICKjump XS: 16 - 68 kg 

QUICKjump RipCord Options and Mounting Heights

QUICKjump devices come with optional RipCord options that can increase the free fall distance and mounting height possibilities.

The length of the free fall roughly equates to RipCord length plus the free fall inherent to the device, so the free fall sensation is extended even further before the QUICKjump catches the jumper and lowers them to the ground.


Distances provided are from the device nozzle to the ground.


The QUICKjump XS comes standard with a 1.5m RipCord and is perfect for family entertainment

centers, kids-oriented activity centers, or any facility with a mounting height restrictions. Minimum

mounting height is 4.5m (14.75 ft), maximum mounting height is 8m (26.25 ft), and the weight

range for riders is 16kg to 68kg (35 lbs - 150 lbs).

Watch a short video of the QUICKjump XS




  • QUICKjump without a RipCord: Minimum mounting height of 8m,
    maximum mounting height of 12.5m

  • QUICKjump with 1.5m RipCord: Minimum mounting height of 9.5m,
    maximum mounting height of 14m




(for those who have a need to go even higher)

  • QUICKjump XL without a RipCord: Minimum mounting height of 10m, 
    maximum mounting height of 20m 

  • QUICKjump XL with 1.5m RipCord: Minimum mounting height of 12.5m,
    maximum mounting height of 21.8m 

  • QUICKjump XL with 3m RipCord: Minimum mounting height of 21.8m,
    maximum mounting height of 23m

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