Ninja Element Catalogue

Welcome to our Element Catalogue, we are in the process of uploading about 30 elements so bear with us whilst we get these up.  If you want further information or can't find what you are looking for give us a call 02 9999 0055 or send us an email

Angled Steps

Leap from step to step in a zig zag pattern without touching the ground


Traverse from rope to rope using the balls to prevent touching the floor

Cargo Net

Hang underneath the net and negotiate your way across without touching the floor

Flying Trapeze

Leap onto the first trapeze and then use your body's momentum to move to the next


Traverse from rope to rope using the pomas to prevent touching the floor

Rolling Log

Balance your way across the rolling log with or without the rope line

Surf Board

Balance your way across the surfboard


Grab the first bar and then use your body momentum to move from trapeze to trapeze

Tube to Net

Climb into the tube and out the other end to the cargo net

Wobbly Wall

Use the hand and footholds to climb along each hanging wall

Bag Zipline

Grab the bag and ride it to traverse the void

Bouldering Wall

Use hand and footholds to traverse the wall without touching the floor


Hang from each cone and use your upper body to traverse

Monkey Bars

Use your upper body strength to swing from bar to bar, like a monkey


Leap onto the first ring and use your body motion to swing from ring to ring

Running Domes

Jump from dome to dome without touching the ground


Step from swing to swing, maintaining your balance

Traverse Climb

Choose from three options to traverse and then use upper body strength to get to the end

Up and Over

Climb over each different height wall

Balance Beam

Maintain your balance whilst walking or running across these beams


Grasp the stretchy ropes and use the momentum to swing across


Climb from door to door using your hands and feet to grip

Pole Forest

Climb from pole to pole using your hands and feet

Rope to Net

Swing from the rope onto the cargo net and crawl under to dismount

Spider Wall

Traverse the void using your hands and feet against either wall


Grab the sides of each table and use your body to "hop" along

Traverse Net

Climb from along the net without falling off

Warped Wall

Run at the wall and generate momentum to reach the top and climb onto the platform

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