Highgate are the only authorised Service Centre for Head Rush Technologies products in Australia

The Head Rush Technology products we service are:

  • TRUBLUE Auto Belay

  • TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay

  • TRUBLUE Speed

  • QUICKflight Free Fall Device

  • QUICKjump Free Fall Device

  • QUICKjump XS Free Fall Device

  • QUICKjump XL Free Fall Device

  • zipSTOP

  • zipSTOP IR

  • zipSTOP Speed



As these units are a safety device, it is important that annual servicing and recertification is carried out in-accordance with the weekly and 6 monthly checks.

The below checkpoints are carried out at the annual service:

  • Inspection of Casing

  • Inspection of Nozzle and Webbing

  • Check Unit Operation

  • Remove and Inspect Nozzle Assembly Wear

  • Inspect Entire Webbing Line

  • Inspect Short Webbing Loop and Shackle

  • Inspect Internal Drum and Clips

  • Inspect and Measure Gears

  • Check Rotor

  • Re-certification Test

To schedule a service for your Head Rush Technologies product please contact our office on 02 9999 0055 or admin@highgategroup.com.au

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