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Highgate provides a full range of climbing wall options to meet a range of budgets and specified requirements. Highgate can design climbing walls from simple plywood construction through to fully modular fibreglass ‘real rock’ surfaces. Additionally we also manufacturer a comprehensive range of climbing holds. For mor information on our climbing holds please click here.

All our structures are designed and engineered to comply with all Australian industry standards and regulations. Climbing walls can be tailor made for new premises or can be retrofitted to existing buildings. Highgate’s expert team can work with you to develop a range of challenges to suit your participants.





To view more Highgate designed walls check out the gallery above or contact our office on 02 9999 0055 or send us and email at

Entre Prises Climbing Walls

Highgate are proud to be the Exclusive Australian Distributor for Entre Prises.

Entre Prises are experts in the design and manufacture of ‘state of the art’

climbing walls used in climbing centres throughout the world. With

manufacturing in the U.S., France, China, the United Kingdom and 28

worldwide distributors, Entre Prises has completed over 6,000 climbing wall

projects worldwide and remains the world leader.

Highgate supplies and installs three of Entre Prises climbing systems to the Australian market, these systems are Freeform Sculptured Rock, Imprint Modular Panels and Mozaik Striking Designs.

Freeform – Sculptured Rock

The Freeform sculptured rock climbing wall is a 100% hand formed, custom

made climbing wall which recreates the look of natural rock. It is flat with

high density handhold locations.We can recreate any rock formation,

feature or style of climbing.
Tufas, flakes, cracks, crimps and more can all be sculpted. 

It is also possible to include Leader Placed Protection Cracks.

  • There are low, medium and high levels of featuring available

  • Custom made paint scheme, to complement the building and other

  • Complete and continuous climbing surface with no visible joints

  • Custom made construction and seamless integration with the existing
    building and other climbing wall surfaces




For more information on the Freeform Sculptured Rock Climbing System you can download the brochure here or contact our office on
02 9999 0055 or send us and email at










Imprint – Modular Panels
Imprint is the original, three-dimensional, interchangeable panel system.

It is a durable panel system which can be installed indoors or outdoors.

There are 45 panel options available. Slabs, overhangs and vertical climbing

can all be included.

Climbing lines and leader protection points are positioned

at one-metre intervals to allow ground-up ascents of each climbing line.

Plus the modular panel system allows a fast installation.

  • High relief climbing wall panels and low relief competition panels available

  • 2 colours available. Light brown or grey. Custom paint scheme can be
    added after installation.

  • The panels are fixed on the interior of the climbing wall.

  • Panels can be combined with any other Entre-Prises climbing wall system.





For more information on the Imprint Modular Panels Climbing  System you can download the brochure here or contact our office on
02 9999 0055 or send us and email at




















Mozaik – Striking Designs
The Mozaik climbing wall system has striking designs which is sure to give

your facility the WOW factor. The Entre-Prises textured surface offers great

friction and comfort, is also durable and non-marking while accepting


Mozaik is clean & fast to install which gets your wall open and running quickly.

  • Sub-structure designed to easily add Freeform features to the design.
    Including the addition of rock realistic cracks, tufas, pockets or 3D curves.

  • Large colour palate.

  • Multi-faceted and complex designs.

  • Designs allow the most technical and diverse route setting.

  • Best compatibility with features, volumes and macros.

  • Optional: add logos, graphics or branding





For more information on the Mozaik Striking Designs Climbing System you can download the brochure here or contact our office on 02

9999 0055 or send us and email at
















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