Arboreal Climbing System

The Arboreal climbing system is an ideal way to add an extra element to your existing ropes course or to take advantage of the environment you have to create a fun climbing challenge.

Whether climbers are beginners, intermediate, or advanced, the Arboreal Climbing System is the perfect way to transform a tree or pole into a thrilling or skills-building adventure. You can choose from a variety of handholds to accommodate all ages and abilities and to create custom routes.




Each Arboreal Climbing kit comes with all the modular components you need to reach the treetops, including:

• Straps that securely fasten around the tree or pole
• Plates that can fit anywhere on the strap
• Handholds that easily attach to the plates

The modular design allows you to keep the adventure alive by changing the location, placement, routes, or handhold difficulty. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the Arboreal Climbing System can work as a standalone adventure in a backyard or as part of an existing resort, ropes course, or adventure park. The Arboreal Climbing System is sturdy enough to support your climbers and their gear, while also being gentle enough to leave trees undamaged.

Modular Add-ons

Create the complete adventure of your dreams by mixing and matching your Arboreal Climbing System with these modular add-ons:


Universal Mount:

The Universal Mount is a mounting device

designed specifically for use as a climbing

anchor. It is meant to be used on trees,

poles, and climbing walls to provide an anchor

point to mount a TRUBLUE® Auto Belay or other

climbing anchor.



QUICKjump Mount:

The QUICKjump Mount is a mounting

device designed specifically for the 

QUICKjump® Free Fall Device. It is

meant to be used on trees or poles,

and pairs perfectly with an Adventure Ledge.






Adventure Ledge:

The modular Adventure Ledge can be 

affixed to poles or trees using a simple

ratchet strap assembly. Use it with a

mounted Head Rush climbing or jumping

device to maximize your adventure options.






Climb up, jump down, or zip away with the Arboreal Climbing System – the only limiting factor is your imagination.

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